Monday, 14 January 2013

noriko gifts

one of the many joys of working for simon constantine is that i am surrounded by many dynamic and interesting people. i work down the hall from lush inventor noriko and oftentimes we share a room in poole.

this is noriko, as written about here: 
"Noriko Miura, took her assignment to work on toothpaste in "unbelievably wonderful and frightfully weird" flavor directions, Mark Constantine says. Think green apple, salt, and charcoal. For every product that makes it, at least 20 are rejected, so these may be thrown out. But Constantine is excited by the courage alone. "She has absolutely no boundaries," he says. "It's very stimulating." 

noriko and i share a love of french cinema, avant-garde music, network awesome and coffee.  she got me some lovely gifts. one a coffee bean patterned cloth from japan. and some coffee- and not just any coffee- some Hacienda La Esmeralda Boquete Gesha!!