Saturday, 12 January 2013

memories! the forest 10th anniversary

This is EDIBLE. Invitation to Forest 10 Year Anniversary Banquet by Blanch & Shock. I found it, two years later, and it has held up well, considering my lack of care in treating objects and that it is, I repeat, EDIBLE. Look how bright the colours still are! 
Dan Gorman, total dude, at the controls.


The legendary Dai Jones

Alex Highet, top guy, Jane Flett, great gal, and MC Chris "Icy Hot" Palmer.

10 Courses. 10 Hours.

Maybe Myrtle Turtle

Phil Kay moving quickly. He won at bingo.


Ryan Van Winkle

This is a FLYING machine which dropped things off to people. It flew all the way to the top of the ceiling and all around the huge church rafters.

Jamie Carmichael waiting for his course.

I've been cleaning out my house, because that's apparently a tradition to do on Hogmanay, and I just found my invitation to the Forest 10th birthday party. Forest Cafe is an institution in Edinburgh. This was the 10th birthday, a few years back, when the Forest was still at Bristo Place. The invitation was made by Blanch & Shock and was edible, made with all edible inks. Really, really well done. The event was for people who had worked with the Forest and it was a 10 course meal held over 10 hours. Many, many people were there and Blanch & Shock catered the whole vegan banquet including a huge kickass cake extravaganza. In one photo you can see a flying device which flew to different tables and dropped things off. Dorkbot built it. It was a great time. The first song that Chris Palmer djed with after the dinner was this one

Our household received two invites so I did get to eat one!