Sunday, 4 August 2013

most fucked up coincidence of the summer so far

My friends sort of laugh at me a lot, because I always talk about coincidences. Everyone always points me in the direction of the This American Life episode on coincidences lately. However, this one is good. My friend Victor flew in from Toronto to help me with a project. He brought these wooden letters with him. He tells me, "I made these letters out of the wood from the restaurant, Utopia, do you know that place?". Utopia is one of the first places I learned about food! I was there when the bar was being renovated in the past! I stood on that bar because I did the chalkboards and did a mural at Utopia. It's honestly a place where I saw that I could really get into food. (I had never tried goat cheese before for instance. Peter, the owner, taught me how to use knives. I had so many great beers there from microbreweries in 1998 that I never would have tried, if not for.) So now a piece of Utopia has found its way to my house in Edinburgh, Scotland. I think that's great.