Sunday, 20 January 2013

the school of noseology at gorilla perfumes pop-up shop

The team at the Gorilla Perfume Pop-Up shop pulled together a series on sense on smell, appropriately named The School of Noseology. This is Cassandra Vervoort presenting a Luca Turin TED Talk, a presentation of the short film she made with Helen Nias called ‘Inescapable Journey’, a short experimental film which explores ideas around scent's strong ability to recall vivid memories. Luke Fleming’s short film about the opening of the Voice of Reason exhibition debuted. Cassandra also had an ipod with Brian Eno's Neroli as a sound-art installation, with a brief history of the use of neroli in perfumery. It was a really lovely night where people wrote their favourite scent memory on the windows of the shop and through the medium of Twitter, Gorilla fans from around the world had their scent memories added to the collage.