Tuesday, 15 January 2013

12 Gates to the City with Simon Constantine & Matt Shaw

We worked with 12 Gates to the City during the perfume gallery. He helped amplify some of the sound components to the gallery- including making the soundtrack of a throbbing techno club sound like it was behind the wall of the bathrooms, creating a 5.1 surround sound piece for the perfume collection Set In Stone & binaurally augmenting Magnetic Man's The Bug for the maze through CCTV cameras. When he was working on Set In Stone, he came to Dorset to do some field recordings at the megaliths that inspired perfumer Simon Constantine. Simon, Matt Shaw (resident Lush hero, and also esteemed musician), and 12 Gates went to some of the sites and there's an interview here of the journey.

This is 12 Gates wearing his Devil's Nightcap pinbadge.

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