Monday, 27 August 2012

chinese traditional buns in toronto

Chinese Traditional Buns is one of my favourite restaurants of all time. When I first started going there, in about 2002, there were about six tables, covered in white plastic, and the husband and wife who run the restaurant were there every single day, from open-to-close. My husband and I once ate there 11 times in one week! I'm consistent in my ordering- I always get Soup Filled Buns from Kaifeng- and we both get the Jellied Tofu Soup (both pictured). For the whole meal, it is under 5£. And now, Chinese Traditional Buns has expanded! And is a real restaurant! There is no white plastic on the tables- there are many people working there, and there are about 20 tables. I have not seen the husband nor the wife on this visit- I hope they're making up for the lost vacations they couldn't take in their starting out years.