Tuesday, 17 July 2012

the edinburgh film festival

I was asked to scent The Illusionist at the Edinburgh Film Festival at Inspace, with New Media Scotland. I had my trusty assistant Mary Clare with me, and we filled the rooms with different scents including cigarette smoke, sea air, hops, and the big moment where we scented the room in Simon Constantine's as-of-yet unreleased scent Furze- a Gorse fragrance. We used ultrasonic misters to scent the room. My friend Victor Fraser happened to be visiting so we put him to work painting a big mural of an advertisement that occurs in the film. The lips we scented with a Gorilla Perfume. Paul Tvaroh made Auld Alliance cocktails, which we put into perfume bottles and sealed with cherry scented wax. The Auld Alliance was whisky and Byrrh and complimented the film's Paris-to-Scotland storyline. Audience members were told to "Drink Me" at the appropriate time.